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We see this space as an opportunity to give a platform for our roster—but moreso, the individual people that comprise our roster—to speak on anything that's important to them, or to simply share anecdotes about their music. Our hope is that this will expand into a curated, open-ended hub for not just news and updates, but also recommendations, behind-the-scenes, "premieres" & exclusives, random musings, calls to action, and as a means for us to riff on what we think is important. Our logo is a speech bubble, after all.

Every post we've ever made going back to 2006 has been meticulously tagged and archived here for you. Use the 'by artist' dropdown or the filters to show posts that're more specific to what you're looking for, or just scroll down to peruse things chronologically. Thanks for reading!
an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

Fall Internship

We're looking for a fall intern in Portland, OR. read more →


No Vacation // Listen to "Estrangers" from the Upcoming EP, Phasing

The wavy-gravy dream-pop group have returned with a new track and a forthcoming EP read more →


Another Michael // August Tour Dates

Later this month, Another Michael will be playing some dates around the northeast with just Mike and then one with the whole band. read more →


Alfred. // Southern tour with Proper.

Alfred. will embark on tour with Proper. later this August read more →


Field Mouse // Listen to "Black Hole, Son" from the upcoming album, Meaning

The dream-pop group share the last single ahead of their album's release read more →


Queen of Jeans // Watch the new Bob Sweeney-directed video for "All the Same"

Check out the new music video for "All the Same," taken off the band's upcoming record, If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid read more →


LITE and Elephant Gym // Fall US Tour

LITE and Elephant Gym announce a fall US tour read more →


Field Mouse // Looking for joy in a frightening world on their new track, "In Blue"

The band shares the second single from their upcoming record, Meaning read more →


Alfred. // Northeast tour with Shormey

Alfred. begins a quick northeast run of shows read more →


Queen of Jeans // If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid Announced

The Philadelphia-based crockpot pop group announce their next album read more →


Field Mouse // Listen to "Heart of Gold" from the upcoming album Meaning

The new album will be out on August 16, 2019 read more →


Mid-Air Thief // Crumbling

Mid-Air Thief

Topshelf Records welcomes Mid-Air Thief to the roster with the reissue of their cult-acclaimed, electronic-infused folk album Crumbling read more →


Alfred. // Like You!! Released

Mid-Air Thief

We welcome Richmond, VA's Alfred. to the roster with Like You!!, out today in collaboration with Citrus City Records read more →


LITE // Multiple: Sixth Studio Album Released

Mid-Air Thief

The prolific maximalists release their sixth studio record, Multiple read more →


May Recap // New Releases and a Healthy Handful of Summer Tours

Mid-Air Thief

Six summer tours and upcoming releases from LITE and Alfred. read more →


toe // US Shows Announced

Mid-Air Thief

toe announces a pair of US shows read more →


LITE // Multiple Announced

Mid-Air Thief

The prodigious and prolific math-rock quartet have released their sixth studio album, entitled Multiple read more →


Alfred. // Like You!!

Mid-Air Thief

Alfred. announces the release of their darkgospel opus, Like You!! read more →


Bellows // "Rosebush" Official Music Video and Interview with Lillie West (Lala Lala)

Mid-Air Thief

Lillie West of Lala Lala interviews Oliver Kalb of Bellows with a premiere of the official music video for "Rosebush" read more →


Giraffes? Giraffes! // Memory Lame (Realized)

Mid-Air Thief

The influential math-rock duo shares the fully realized version of their psych-infused record Memory Lame read more →


SXSW Photo Diaries

Mid-Air Thief

We gave all the artists playing our SXSW showcase this year a disposable camera for the week. Here's what everyone's weeks looked like in film. read more →


Bellows // 2019 Summer Tour with Gabby's World

Mid-Air Thief

Bellows and Gabby's World will take to the road for a full US tour this summer read more →


Us and Us Only // Two Songs

Mid-Air Thief

The Baltimore indie rock group share an alternate take and a remix from their 2017 record, Full Flower read more →


Elephant Gym // Audiotree Live

Mid-Air Thief

Elephant Gym gave a captivating performance at Audiotree Live while on their recent US tour read more →


Queen of Jeans // US Tour with The Menzingers

Mid-Air Thief

Queen of Jeans will hit the road this summer with The Menzingers and The Sidekicks read more →


No Vacation // "Yam Yam" Official Music Video and US Tour with Okey Dokey

Mid-Air Thief

No Vacation share a new video for "Yam Yam" and will tour the US this summer with support from Okey Dokey. read more →


2019 SXSW Official Showcase

Mid-Air Thief

Join us this year for our most eclectic lineup to date! read more →


Another Michael // Tour with Field Medic

Mid-Air Thief

Another Michael will join Field Medic for a short run of shows this May read more →


Bellows // The Rose Gardener

Mid-Air Thief

The adventurous pop opus by Bellows is out today! read more →


gobbinjr // Spring Tour with Adult Mom

Mid-Air Thief

gobbinjr will embark on a short tour with Adult Mom and Long Neck this spring read more →