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We see this space as an opportunity to give a platform for our roster—but moreso, the individual people that comprise our roster—to speak on anything that's important to them, or to simply share anecdotes about their music. Our hope is that this will expand into a curated, open-ended hub for not just news and updates, but also recommendations, behind-the-scenes, "premieres" & exclusives, random musings, calls to action, and as a means for us to riff on what we think is important. Our logo is a speech bubble, after all.

Every post we've ever made going back to 2006 has been meticulously tagged and archived here for you. Use the 'by artist' dropdown or the filters to show posts that're more specific to what you're looking for, or just scroll down to peruse things chronologically. Thanks for reading!
an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

Weatherday // On tour with New Grounds Death Rugby


Sputnik is back in the US and Weatherday are playing shows all August with a full backing band read more →


Ratboys // announcing new album 'The Window' + fall tour!


Ratboys' new album The Window is coming out August 25. The first single "It's Alive!" is out now. read more →


Sweet Pill // "Dog Song" video

Sweet Pill



Bruiser and Bicycle // 'Holy Red Wagon'

Bruiser and Bicycle

'Holy Red Wagon' - the explosive and frenetic new album from Bruiser and Bicycle - is out now! read more →


TSR @ SXSW 2023

Bruiser and Bicycle

We’ll be at SXSW this year! Our 12th year, and our first time back since 2019! We and our artists have a lot going on all week. We’re throwing 2 showcases read more →


Call to action: visa fee increases for international artists

Bruiser and Bicycle

The US Department of Homeland Security has proposed rate increases that would make touring in the United States for international artists significantly more expensive. read more →


Introducing: Bruiser and Bicycle

Bruiser and Bicycle

Please welcome Bruiser and Bicycle to our roster! Their album Holy Red Wagon is out April 5. The first single "1000 Engines" is out now. read more →


Sweet Pill and Their / They're / There go on tour!

Sweet Pill

Sweet Pill and Their / They're / There are heading out on tour together! read more →


Parannoul // announcing: 'After the Magic'


We're so excited to finally share our partnership with Parannoul and announce the new record. 'After the Magic' will be released on 1/28 read more →


Knifeplay X TAGABOW // the TOUR


That’s right, Knifeplay and They Are Gutting a Body of Water are heading out on tour together. Sickest bands, sickest tour, sickest shoe, sickest gaze. read more →


No Vacation // West Coast Tour

No Vacation are heading up the West Coast on tour this February! read more →


Knifeplay // Audiotree Live


Knifeplay’s full Audiotree Live session is out now. 6 songs performed live. read more →


Sobs // the First US Tour


Sobs are heading out across the US for their first ever shows in North America! read more →


Sweet Pill // Audiotree Live

Sweet Pill

Sweet Pill’s Audiotree session is out now! 8 songs off their debut record Where the Heart Is performed live, and they went hard as hell. read more →


rescue(d) sale

Sweet Pill

our whole store is back up!! it's time for a sale :-) read more →


we're unloaded in Portland! + Kickstarter backer rewards artwork // an update on our inventory

Sweet Pill

after driving 2200 miles in 36 hours (lololol) we are now unloaded and now officially 100% in Portland! read more →


hello from Texas!! // an update on our inventory

Sweet Pill

today was a big day. we have officially gotten our inventory back! five of us are down in Austin loading up a truck read more →


we did it!! // an update on our inventory

Sweet Pill

One month ago we were completely overcome with despair, but with your support, we're now more optimistic than ever about the future of our record label. read more →


Knifeplay // "Ryan Song"


Knifeplay has offered us another track off their upcoming record. “Ryan Song” is out everywhere, along with its achingly beautiful music video. read more →


cool original // 'another second, a whole lifetime'

cool original

​The end of summer is also marking the end of cool original’s outtakes from “bad summer” series. Today we’re expanding the universe one last time with another second, a whole lifetime. read more →


we need your help // an important update regarding our warehouse and mail order operations

cool original

the mail order fulfillment company we partnered with, Awesome Distro, has gone bankrupt. they have abruptly shut down, owing us tens of thousands of dollars in revenue and forcing us to relocate 17 years worth of inventory immediately with no advance notice. read more →


Introducing: Knifeplay


Please welcome Knifeplay to our roster! We’re thrilled to announce that their new album ‘Animal Drowning’ is out October 19, and you can hear the first single “Promise” now. read more →


Introducing: JYOCHO


We’re simply thrilled to share that we're partnering JYOCHO to release their album 'Let’s Promise to Be Happy' on cassette and vinyl! JYOCHO’s music exudes pure emotion. It’s chaotic, non-linear, poetic, and gorgeous. read more →


Thanya Iyer's Montreal Community // scene report

The Montreal music scene is AMAZING! There are so many incredible artists making innovative and creative music that sounds like no other! I’m really grateful to be a part of such a nourishing and nurturing community. read more →


Zenizen // the debut full-length 'P.O.C' is out now!


Zenzen’s debut full-length P.O.C (Proof of Concept) is out today! woo! This one’s been in the works for awhile, and we’re so stoked to finally share this brilliant album with you. All 12 tracks of far-reaching pop R&B grooves. Go listen to it in the sun today :-) read more →


Thanya Iyer // announcing the new EP 'rest' 🛋


Thanya Iyer invites us to examine our relationship with rest, step outside our comfort zones, and explore the art of mindful intention in her new EP. rest is out August 24 ~ you can hear the first single “leave the room and face the waves” now! read more →


Ratboys July shows + re-presses!


The Rats are playing their final gigs of the summer – and their last shows for awhile – this month! We've also got three new re-presses of their first three records. read more →


bad summer inspiration // a cool original playlist

Nathan Tucker, the voice behind cool original, put together a playlist of 30 tracks that inspired the new album outtakes from “bad summer”. It’s a tracklist of absolute TUNES (much like the album itself). read more →


spring sale 2022!

cool original

We're having a spring sale! And it's kinda huge, honestly. read more →