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an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

I am looking for something that sounds like  — something like:     

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Exceedingly lush, you'll feel as if you're sharing a secret...

The band you didn’t know you were missing, shimmying around your ears with vibrant three-part harmonies...

Coasts somewhere between the sensual and the cosmic...

-Week in Pop

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the album art for outtakes from bad summer by cool original

cool original

outtakes from bad summer

There is a distinct, refreshing current that charges outtakes from “bad summer”. An energized pop-focused collection of tracks born from what bandleader Nathan Tucker describes as “the contrast between total formlessness and rigid claustrophobia”. Order on vinyl cassette

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P.O.C (Proof of Concept)

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