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We see this space as an opportunity to give a platform for our roster—but moreso, the individual people that comprise our roster—to speak on anything that's important to them, or to simply share anecdotes about their music. Our hope is that this will expand into a curated, open-ended hub for not just news and updates, but also recommendations, behind-the-scenes, "premieres" & exclusives, random musings, calls to action, and as a means for us to riff on what we think is important. Our logo is a speech bubble, after all.

Every post we've ever made going back to 2006 has been meticulously tagged and archived here for you. Use the 'by artist' dropdown or the filters to show posts that're more specific to what you're looking for, or just scroll down to peruse things chronologically. Thanks for reading!
an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

Crisman // Welcoming Crisman to the Topshelf family


The Denton-based group sign with Topshelf Records and announce their self-titled studio debut read more →


Ratboys // "I Go Out at Night"


Ratboys share a new video ahead of the release of their new album read more →


Boyscott // Tour with Vundabar


Boyscott announce a tour with Vundabar in the new year read more →


2019 Recap // Boyscott // Goose Bumps


Words by Scott Hermo Jr. of Boyscott read more →


2019 Recap // LITE // Multiple


Words by LITE's Kozo Kusumoto read more →


2019 Recap // Mid-Air Thief // Crumbling


Words by Mr. Thief read more →


2019 Recap // No Vacation // Phasing


Words by No Vacation's Nat Lee read more →


2019 Recap // Alfred. // LIKE YOU!!


Words by Aaron Brown, AKA Alfred. read more →


2019 Recap // Field Mouse // Meaning


Words by Field Mouse's Rachel Browne read more →


2019 Recap // Queens of Jeans // If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid


Words by Miriam Devora of Queen of Jeans read more →


2019 Recap // Elephant Gym // Underwater


Words by Elephant Gym's Tu Chia-Chin read more →


2019 Recap // Bellows // The Rose Gardener


Words by Oliver Kalb of Bellows read more →


2019 Recap // Us and Us Only // Two Songs


Words by Us and Us Only's Kinsey Matthews read more →


Topshelf Records // 2019 Recap


A near-comprehensive overview of Topshelf's 2019 releases read more →


No Vacation and Okey Dokey // "Really Truly"


No Vacation and Okey Dokey share a kaleidoscopic video for their collaborative one-off read more →


Ratboys // Announce album 'Printer's Devil' and 2020 headline tour


Printer's Devil will be out on February 28, 2020 read more →


Field Mouse // East coast tour with Long Neck


Field Mouse wrap up their busy 2019 with an East Coast tour read more →


No Vacation // Phasing


Dreamy new sounds from No Vacation are out now read more →


LITE // "Double" Music Video


LITE mix math-rock and contemporary dance in their new visuals for "Double" read more →


Elephant Gym // "Gaze at Blue"


"Have we always been trapped into the frozen water or do we still have a chance to speak it out loud?" read more →


Solids // Farewell Shows


The band's final shows will take place in late November and early December read more →


Elephant Gym // "Half" | Level Live


Scope the live performance of "Half," filmed and produced by Level read more →


Another Michael // Fall Tour with Beach Bunny


Another Michael will tour in support of Beach Bunny later this year read more →


No Vacation // "Days"


Fresh wavy-gravy goodness from No Vacation read more →


Field Mouse // "Heart of Gold" Video Released


Check out the "simultaneously intimate and expansive" new video from Field Mouse read more →


Boyscott // Goose Bumps


Topshelf Records and Babe City Records present: Goose Bumps, by Boyscott read more →


mouse on the keys // "Mind"


The ever unclassifiable trio share a new standalone track read more →


Queen of Jeans // If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid


The crockpot-pop trio release their second full-length record read more →


Queen of Jeans // "Only Obvious to You"


Check out the video for "Only Obvious to You" by Queen of Jeans read more →


Field Mouse // Meaning


Listen to the latest album from Field Mouse read more →