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At the twenty-year apex of their career, the Japanese quartet toe will add another captivating live release to their extensive catalog with the feature-length performance, DOKU-EN-KAI.

In the same electric vein of beloved live releases RGBDVD and CUT_DVD, DOKU-EN-KAI shows the band completely absorbed by their element. Kinetic, impassioned, frenzied, and with palpable energy, DOKU-EN-KAI brings toe’s renown and allure into sharp, unmistakable focus.

Shot ‘in the round’ at le Poisson Rouge in NYC, and directed by Josh Coll, DOKU-EN-KAI provides an immersive escape for all of us yearning for the return of live music. Throughout DOKU-EN-KAI’s 85-minute runtime, toe effortlessly split open the musical spectrum and rearrange its pieces into their signature sound that draws on elements of math-rock, jazz, hardcore, and post-rock.

The digital product for this release includes audio files for every song, and the full feature-length video (.mp4) of DOKU-EN-KAI.

  • Directed by Josh Coll
  • Producer - Hannah Tom
  • Director of Photography - Eric Teti
  • Camera Operators - Joe Brady, Austin LoCicero, Ben Scofield, Lyle Zanca, Stephen Mlinarcik
  • Additional Footage - Keisaku Nakamura
  • Editor - Stephen Mlinarcik
  • Colorist - Mikey Rossiter
  • Audio Mixing & Mastering - Jay Eigenmann
  • Backline Tech - Yu Ishiguro
  • Front of House Engineer - Jay Eigenmann
  • Merch - Kevin Duquette
  • Smash - Nori Yamamoto
  • Tour Manager - Katsu Kokubu
  • Audio - Bernie Girman, Dom Taylor, Taichi Yamada
  • Lighting - Rebecca Morris
  • Hospitality - Trish Laurea

All purchases come with your choice of a FLAC, ALAC, MP3 320, MP3 VBR or AAC 256 download.

Listen Elsewhere:

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Track List:

  1. Etude Of Solitude
  2. I Dance Alone
  3. Run For Word
  4. My Little Wish
  5. C
  6. 孤独の発明
  7. Where Are My Ears (Jam)
  8. The Latest Number
  9. Because I Hear You
  10. Esoteric
  11. Two Moons
  12. The Future Is Now
  13. F_A_R
  14. Goodbye (Encore 1)
  15. Past And Language (Encore 2)
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