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Topshelf Records Random Test Pressings



The fulfillment company we worked with has gone bankrupt, abruptly shut down, laid off mail-order staff without telling us, and owes us thousands of dollars—so now we're asking for some help. We've posted a detailed account of everything we're dealing with and have made these records from our archive available for sale to try and raise funds to help us better navigate this situation.

A random test pressing from a release in our catalog (from our first vinyl pressing of TSR0013 to our most recent of TSR261). Has a generic sleeve and jacket. Nearly all copies are hand-numbered and hand-stamped, but over the years, some were not. All orders are completely random and no requests for specific titles will be honored. Every record we have ever released is part of this.

We also have an option for custom 1/1 hand-stamped and drawn artwork to be applied to your test press' jacket and dust sleeve. See the photos in the product images area for examples.

All proceeds from the sale of these tests will go toward securing a new space for our inventory, and any costs associated with transporting it to a new location. Thank you for your support!

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