Harry the Nightgown // "Pill Poppin' Therapist"

The newest addition to the Topshelf roster, Harry the Nightgown, is back today with their second single "Pill Poppin' Therapist". This "playful slice of avant-rock" premiered over on Post-Trash ahead of their debut self-titled album, due out August 7.

"Recorded live to tape in just one day, the song’s spontaneous energy clearly shines through as a result of the on-the-fly recording method employed by the band, aptly capturing the frequent ups and downs that come with depression and mania. “Pill Poppin’ Therapist” is an excellent peak into the vivid sonic world of Harry the Nightgown." - Torrey Proto via Post-Trash

In 2014, Perez met Spencer Hartling at a dive bar in Ventura when their respective bands played to a small audience of balding drunks. Impressed with each others’ performances, they forged a long distance friendship and began to collaborate on their music. In 2017, Hartling moved from Los Angeles to a farm on an off-grid plot of land in the mountains of Guerneville. Hartling set up a minimal recording space in a shipping container, and it was there, against the farm’s backdrop of manzanita trees and natural springs that Perez and Hartling began writing and demoing what would eventually become Harry the Nightgown. Learn More.

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