Alexia Avina // "Horse's Mane"

Our resident rural Massachusetts dwelling songstress, Alexia Avina, is back with another single off of her upcoming album.

Alexia makes one-of-a-kind ambient folk that creates ethereal soundscapes and worlds of vast calm through her otherworldly melodies and minimal, yet spacious instrumentation.

We highly recommend you give her a listen if you like Julie Byrne, Grouper, Jessica Pratt, or Gia Margaret.

Alexia's new track “Horse’s Mane” is a soft blur of voices and guitar, driven by a hopeful daydream that falls short of a hollow reality. Oscillating guitars create a glimmering soundscape, shrouded by a gossamer-like fog of delicate, contemplative polyphony; an auditory study of swirling introspection, showcasing Alexia in her meditative and ethereal element.

Listen to the track now and enjoy this psychedelic and beautiful visualizer by Jessica Alexía:

Alexia Avina's new album Unearth will be out October 9, 2020 as a co-release with Lost Map Records. You can pre-order your copy on cassette today!

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