Announcing: Flung

I think I can speak for everyone at Topshelf when I say we love introducing you all to amazing new artists whenever we get the chance. Today is a good day because we get to introduce you to Flung.

Flung’s debut album showcases their aptitude for songcraft; Shaky But My Hair Is Grown is both restless and instantly relatable. Ambient recordings and unusual chord progressions play duets over hard hitting polyrhythms woven from glitchy samples and clipped loops. The album’s whimsical yet poignant songs venture in all directions, a scattering of textures laced together with some intangible thread. Finding cadence in assemblage, Flung never sits in one place for too long, instead inviting the listener to share in the joy of the unpredictable.

We're thrilled to be co-releasing the newest addition to our cassette series with one of our favorite labels & collaborators, Citrus City.

Shaky But My Hair is Grown is available to pre-order now on cassette, to be released September 18, 2020. You can hear their two lead singles, Organs & Tingletoes as a pair now wherever you like to listen to your favorite music.

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