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Bellows is the bedroom recording project of songwriter and producer Oliver Kalb. The sound of Bellows is sensory and delicate, subtle and quiet, but erupts with frantic wobbling drums, large orchestral sections and bursts of noise that push the conventions of pop and folk. Started in late 2010 in a bedroom in upstate New York, Bellows has since blossomed from a solo recording experiment into a large-scale rock band, employing the help of friends to bring Kalb's intimate home recordings to life on stage in sweeping, loud, and intense live performances.

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  • Oliver Kalb
  • Frank Meadows
  • Jack Greenleaf
  • Ian Cory
  • Montana Elliot

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"[...] a well-crafted set of reflective folk-pop combining guitars, synths, piano and occasional strings and other instrumentation with warm harmonies, uplifting melodies and lyrics of loss and renewal."

"Bellows tried their hand at straight-up pop here and there on their last LP, The Rose Gardener, but new single “McNally Jackson” throws itself headlong into the fray. It hews far closer to Charli XCX than Told Slant, and – like The Rose Gardener cuts “Stupidest Thing” and “In Silence” would suggest – it’s absolutely dope."
-The Alternative

"[A]mbitious folk-pop."

"[A]n absolute joy.
-The Revue"

"With its spectrum of sounds, landscapes and perspectives, The Rose Gardener showcases Kalb’s gift for containing multitudes with grace."

"The kind of record that feels tenderly consuming when you’re inside of it, and strangely dream-like when you’re not, the new album is another adventurous and emotive collection of songs, earthy and raw but idiosyncratic too; a maze-like allegory of pop songs, full of twists and turns you can’t explain."
-Gold Flake Paint on "The Rose Gardener"

"[Bellow's] sing-song, matter-of-fact phrasing and guitar melodies are memorable, and the harmonies are lovely, with the staying power to drift in my head for days on end."

"...a vividly pieced together manner that captures the joy and longing of the song."
-Stereogum on the video for "Thick Skin"

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