Topshelf Records // 2016 Cassette Subscription Series

We've been asked a lot over the years about offering a label subscription of some kind (the answer is still no though lol) — and, while this doesn't address that specifically, we're very pleased to have put together something we think is just as exciting, if not more so! So we’re announcing a cassette subscription series today!! Weeee

Comprised of artists from around the world that we think deserve more attention, the series will focus on artists we are sincerely fans of that we feel are making new and exciting sounds that you should be listening to.

While the series is monthly, we do have quarterly and semiannually options as well if the shipping costs for a monthly plan are a bit too daunting for you. All cassettes are available individually in limited quantities as well. Shipments will also include stickers and buttons. Here is what we have planned (more info soon!):

PLEASE NOTE: this is currently for people residing in the US only. If you are from outside the United States please email us at orders [at] topshelfrecords [dot] com so we can help you out accordingly. Thanks for understanding!

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