Del Paxton, Gulfer // New Split 7" in April

Here's a cool little split jammy between Del Paxton & Gulfer that we'll be putting out on April 7!

Del Paxton reminds us so much of bands we've always put out records for — they've harnessed the raw precision of Grown Ups, the rawness of acts like Big Kids or Coping and the knack to deliver a killer hook like Sundials — all rolled into one.

On the other side of things is Gulfer — a band that we've been paying attention to for years now. They never disappoint, ever. Fans of Glocca Morra, Algernon Cadwallader, CSTVT or You'll Live are gonna have a good time. My favorite thing about this band is that none of them can legally drive, haha.

View the track listing and pre-order info
Listen to Gulfer
Listen to Del Paxton

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