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When it comes to discovering new music, I'll take a recommendation from a trusted friend over any taste-making "this music is for sampling only" every. single. time. So when I started to have a few friends telling me to check out Gainesville, FL's Frameworks, I had high expectations. Upon listening, those expectations were immediately blown apart and exceeded tenfold. I'm pretty sure I was searching for their email address to get in touch within a few minutes of my first listen. They're that good. We asked them to play our SXSW showcases soon after and were floored by how well everything translated live (not to mention they were really nice guys — everything feels natural, and nothing about them seems forced). We're thrilled to announce we'll be working with them to release new music in 2014.

Photo by Mitch Wojcik.

If you're already a fan of bands on our current roster like Pianos Become the Teeth, We Were Skeletons, Caravels or even The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, it's not a stretch to imagine that you're really going to enjoy Frameworks' music — or perhaps you already do.

My first experience was with their fantastic Small Victories EP which came out earlier in 2013 via 13th Floor Records. It's just four songs. It leaves you wanting more. It's a perfect EP. Start at track one — because there isn't a bad track — but pay particular attention to the seamless transitioning between standout tracks three and four (that's perhaps where I fell in love with Frameworks).

The band just recently premiered a new song entitled "Preamble" which Pitchfork described as "lounge screamo". So there's that, I guess. You can pre-order the split, which also features Prawn, Kittyhawk and Droughts on November 3, 2013 through Fair Weather Records.

Frameworks are set to hit the studio with producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven's Sunbather) in the new year and we'll have more details on what that results in soon. For now, check them out on Facebook, Instagram or their website.


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