Crash of Rhinos' "Knots" Release Day!

Today marks the official release of Crash of Rhinos' long awaited and ambitious new full-length album, Knots. This record's incredible and I'm not just paying lip service here, you guys.


Pitchfork recently gave the album an 8.1 score stating:

The songs on Knots unfold like brilliant football plays, utilizing synchronization, deception, quick cuts, speed and brawn, the individual players given omni-directional free reign for the larger purpose of forward momentum. ... You get the sense that Knots could be a standard in its current genre, but the exploratory second half suggests Crash of Rhinos are working towards transcending it. ... While indie rock still primarily traffics in timid sounds and mannered emotions, Crash of Rhinos dare to care too much on Knots and their risk is our reward.

If you're interested, you can pick it up on 2xLP gatefold vinyl at the Topshelf storeFor those of you who've never listened to Crash of Rhinos before, give 'em a whirl here.

Thanks, everyone!

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