Welcome You Blew It! to the family


We’re pumped to announce that we’ll be releasing a new LP from Orlando, FL’s You Blew It!.

Most of the time, we end up working with bands that we’re already pretty good friends with — or eventually become good friends with. Working with You Blew It! is a perfect example of the latter. I met one of their little sisters at Warped Tour (amidst all of the shit) who gave me a convincing enough argument to check them out and it’s blossomed into a great relationship since.

Or something. We text each other fart jokes.

Bottom line is we really, really like these guys and like their music even more. If you're a fan of bands like American Football (yes, I just did that), The Get Up Kids or Algernon Cadwallader (I know, I know I just did that too) then hopefully you all will as well.

Details on the LP will be made available soon. For now Check out the new video National Underground put together for the band’s new song Terry vs. Tori (below), stream / download their EP Past in Present (above) and check out their page on our site with more videos / photos / music.

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