Topshelf creep status: Unlocked!

SO! I spent some time last night putting together the ultimate, one stop Topshelf RSS feed. It's almost downright stalkeresque, haha, but if you add it to your feed reader of choice, you'll never skip a beat on Topshelf news, preorders, new music or sneak peaks again! ~KEWWWL~. Here's what's in the feed:

  • Events we'll be at (via Songkick & events)
  • Our flickr photo uploads
  • Sneak peaks at album art we post to dribbble
  • Our "favorited" videos of Topshelf bands on Youtube
  • Our instagram feed
  • New tracks we post to SoundCloud & Bandcamp
  • Our Topshelf news feed for major announcements
  • Our Twitter posts
  • Our "loved" tracks
  • New Facebook posts we make to our Facebook page
  • Our Formspring answers
  • And, lastly, our product feed for our store — be the first to know when pre-orders go up!

Here're the feeds:

other recent posts

featured titles:

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