The Saddest Landscape to release new record

The Saddest Landscape guys have started recording a new record at New Alliance Studios in Boston, MA on November 5, with producer John Taft, who they collaborated with on their last album, 2010’s You Will Not Survive.

Here're some updates we've gotten from the band while in the studio:


"Oh yeah we got a cello player"


"Taft using a whole bunch of gear we don't understand"


"Day one drums"


"Drums are done we are working on bass, thought you'd like the sweatshirt/label plug"

They also have some UK and European tour dates coming up with We Were Skeletons which are below:

  • 06.01.12 – Berlin, Germany – Cassiopeia
  • 07.01.12 – Hamburg, Germany – Rote Flora
  • 08.01.12 – Cologne, Germany – Aetherblisment
  • 09.01.12 – Antwerp, Belgium – Jc Kavka
  • 10.01.12 – Brighton, UK – The Green Door Store (w/ End Of A Year & Aficionado)
  • 11.01.12 – London, UK – The Black Heart (w/ Goodtime Boys)
  • 12.01.12 – Truro, UK – Live Bar (w/ End Of A Year & Aficionado)
  • 13.01.12 – Edinburgh, Scotland – The Banshee Labryinth
  • 14.01.12 – Leeds, UK – The Well

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