Introducing: Bruiser and Bicycle

Please welcome Bruiser and Bicycle to our roster! We're so excited to have them in the Topshelf fam and to be putting out their new record. Their album Holy Red Wagon is out April 5. The first single "1000 Engines" is out now. Go listen to it 1000 times!!!!!!!!

"1000 Engines" is an explosive, frenetic introduction to the progressive rock-skewed artpop of Bruiser and Bicycle. Channeling equal amounts of jangle rock, pop, and experimental production, the song is packed with a calculated abundance of styles and creativity.

People often refer to the deterministic mechanics of the universe as clockwork, however an engine is an analogy that says “the universe is deterministic, but it also has a telios, and a motivation, and we the passengers are at its mercy”.
- Nick Whittemore (guitar, vocals)

Holy Red Wagon is available for pre-order on digital, CD, and cassette. You can pick up your holy copy here in the shop or on Bandcamp.

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