we're unloaded in Portland! + Kickstarter backer rewards artwork // an update on our inventory

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hello hello from rainy Portland, OR!

after driving 2200 miles in 36 hours (lololol) we are now unloaded and now officially 100% in Portland!

friends lending a hand!

while this is a huge milestone, there's still loads of work to do. all of our inventory is secure in a temporary facility while we search for our longterm home. but it's all over the place so we'll need to do a D E E P dive on inventory before we are fully operational again.

a quick aside about that last point: "Black Friday" and the next couple weeks are usually our biggest weeks of the year for revenue for the label. we typically sell more in the next three weeks than we do in any other span the entire year. but with our inventory still in such disarray, we can only offer new titles and pre-orders for sale, which represents about 5% of our actual inventory. the bulk of what we could sell remains functionally unsellable because we just can't find it amidst the sea of boxes to ship it out to someone who might want to order it. i say this mostly just to reiterate how important your support for us via this Kickstarter is. The initial hit we took on having to close our store, and having over $40,000 siphoned from us due to Awesome Merch was hugely devastating, but it continues to manifest in less overt ways like this months later. so f'real, thanks so much for helping us out and providing support for us to weather this!!! thinking where we'd be without y'all is truly a dubious exercise.

unorganized inventory in our temporary warehouse space
unorganized inventory in our temporary warehouse space

okay, some updates on artwork! we have commissioned Jeroen Erosie and Madeline Dowd (of Crisman fame) to put together some pieces for the shirts and postcards y'all will be getting. Below is an exploratory draft that Jeroen shared with me last week—it's gonna be really cool!

from the sketchbook of Jeroen Erosie

sinerely, thank you so much for your support. we're spending the next several weeks getting our inventory sorted. we've just gotten started but already unearthed so many gems we thought had been sold out for years. keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for random stuff popping up in our shop for a taste of what we're digging up!!

more updates soon! <3 <3 <3


ps: here's some photos from our drive

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