hello from Texas!! // an update on our inventory

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hey y’all!

today was a big day. we have officially gotten our inventory back! five of us are down in Austin loading up a truck (trucks?? tbd) and a couple of us will be driving it all up to Portland. we have a beat on a few spaces to unload and operate out of up there, but hoping to have that all confirmed this week. we expect to be done loading the truck tomorrow and it’ll take us a few days to safely drive everything up to Oregon, then a few more days to unload and get everything organized. in the meantime, we have some artists commissioned for the artwork for our reward tiers (which we’ll be able to show you soon) and have most of your backer rewards pulled aside and ready to ship. we know we’re running a little behind schedule here so we appreciate your patience!

more updates soon <3

clearing out the archives

a bunch of our stuff in a truck
a bunch of our stuff in a truck

all of it in the truck!!


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