Thanya Iyer's Montreal Community // scene report

Thanya Iyer is completely immersed in the Montreal community. In this ~EP Launch Edition~ scene report, our resident Montreal expert is telling us a bit about her friends in the scene. I'd trust any recommendation that comes from Thanya, really. Oh and hey, her new EP rest is out now. Read on, discover some new music, and enjoy! (+ if you happen be in Montreal on August 27, come out to the massive release show!)

Thanya: The Montreal music scene is AMAZING! There are so many incredible artists making innovative and creative music that sounds like no other! I’m really grateful to be a part of such a nourishing and nurturing community. The artists that surround me are constantly supporting each other, helping to figure out next steps, sharing songs, talking through big ideas - it's very special!

For my upcoming EP launch, I wanted to bring some of my wonderful friends from the community together to make an epic Thanya Iyer big band - so here I am to report on some friends from the scene - EP launch edition!

First off… the amazing openers:

I really love the music of Cedric Noel and Ambroise (Eugénie Jobin). Cedric writes powerful folk rock anthems that hit you right in the heart. Eugénie has a beautiful project called Ambroise where she sings soft melodies that transport you to the clouds. I’ve heard both of these gems of people speak praises for each other's music and thought…wouldn’t it be fun if Cedric and Eugénie played a collaborative set where they play each other's songs together!? How fun!

So world premiere…coming at you. August 27th in montreal!

Listen to Cedric:

Listen to Ambroise:

Next up…the band!


Pompey writes folk songs that are so relatable and vulnerable with the most gorgeous production that just wraps you up in a cozy blanket! I live with and love pompey so its a true gift for me to see his process everyday and make music with such an amazing musician and person!

Listen to Pompey:

Shaina Hayes!

I started singing with Shaina in 2008 and its been such a privilege to be blessed by her amazing musicality. This year she released her debut album full of out of this world magical country folk gems. The songs paints such beautiful imagery and it gives me chills every time I listen.

Daniel! (Youryourself&i)

Daniel is such a creative universe! He is such a prolific songwriter and every sound he makes is a little world in itself, a journey, an exploration that pulls you in and makes your ears twinkle. Its always exciting to experience what he’ll do next!

And now…the MAWMZ choir!

Common Holly (Brigitte Naggar)

Brigitte is such an amazing lyricist and songwriter who writes dark folky gems that make me meltttttt. As a collaborator, we travel on the same wavelength and I feel grateful to work with her! And while she’s releasing musical bangers, she's also doing a masters in counselling psychology! How does she do it all!?

Emilie Kahn

Emilie writes the catchiest pop/folk/dreamy tunes that are are so vulnerable, bold, expansive, and magical. Also HARP. She is one of my oldest collaborators and I basically learnt how to sing, make music, book my first shows, make our first album, write songs and so much more with her by my side <3

Corey Gulkin

Corey writes the wildest dark folky/rocky tunes that will make you feel every feel and musically will take you to all creaks of the universe! Their next album is a whole trip of unapologetically bold, wild, catchy and rockin music and it's gonna be out of this universe keep your ears peeled!

Sarah Rossy

Sarah is an amazing interdisciplinary artist who uses voice/body and movement who creates ethereal and soul grabbing compositions! Rooted in a multitude of styles, her music is so vulnerable and captures the emotion of human existence in such an honest and authentic way <3

Shelby Cohen

Shelby is the one who started Mawmz choir! With every project she brings people together and makes the space truly fun and supportive for everyone involved! Here is an OG mawmz collab that we did for Shelbys original songs!


Ari Swan!

Ari is an amazing violinist who plays in so many different projects! I originally saw her solo project years ago where she creates the most magical soundscapes and loops. Most recently she plays in Egyptian Cotton Arkestra with James Goddard (saxophone), Lucas Huang (percussion) and Markus Floats (bass)! Sink into the free improvisation storytelling vibes and the catchiest jams and grooves.

Eve Parker Finley

Eve is an amazing multimedia artist, violinist, comedian, all time friend! Her songs are indie gems that live in a world of classical, pop, drone and colourful beats! Eve's music is a whole universe! I love dreaming big with Eve! Thank gosh for all of the incredible violinist songwriters out there amirite?


Adam Kinner

Adam Kinner is a multi-instrumentalist, dancer, composer, performer, and just all around sweet person. Adam leads one of the funnest project of all times “The Air Contains Honey”, an exciting “orchestra” filled with professional and amateur musicians that sings tunes that will make you smile, laugh cry, all of it.

Adam Kinner · the air contains honey demos

James Goddard

James is a magical saxophone and multiinstrumentalist that plays in so many amazing projects (including Egyptian Cotton Arkestra with Ari!) He is such a supportive and innovative friend in the montreal music scene! His solo project, Skin Tone, is music that takes you on a dreamy adventure, sax driven, noise, improvised and free floating expression!

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