Thanya Iyer // announcing the new EP 'rest' 🛋

Thanya Iyer invites us to examine our relationship with rest, step outside our comfort zones, and explore the art of mindful intention in her new EP. rest is out August 24, 2022, and you can hear the first single “leave the room and face the waves” now!

For the unfamiliar, Thanya released her stunning full-length KIND in 2020. With a penchant for mantric songwriting and clever instrumentation, rest expands on her signature expansive, experimental pop.

“leave the room and face the waves” is a song about leaving what you know. Over a steady bassline, cheeky subdued percussion, and a guest wind trio, Thanya sings of sharing yourself, sharing your authenticity, and overcoming past fears.

The track was originally written during a teaching artist residency in Witset, BC, Canada, when Thanya asked the youth she was working with to engage with their own vulnerability by diving into songwriting with her. She herself was in a vulnerable position, in a new environment and teaching experience, making it a perfect opportunity to explore vulnerability together with the youth. It resulted in this concise alt-pop number, adorned with jazzy flourishes with a powerful mantra at its center.

Watch the entrancing video to really get into the headspace:

Pre-orders are live for rest on a yellow cassette and 3 vinyl colorways: Pink Pause, Sleepy Sage, and 180g Black here!

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