Gulfer // "Nature Kids" Music Video

Gulfer are back again today with a new single and music video hot off the presses !

Your friendly neighborhood Montrealers are making explosive emo tunes full of vulnerable lyricism and intricately crafted composition. Their new album Gulfer will be their third full-length record, set to be co-released by us and Royal Mountain Records (Canada) on October 16, 2020.

The new track, "Nature Kids", is an introspective yearning for a carefree childhood spent outdoors. A flurry of energetic chords, technical riffs, and contemplative soundscapes create a boundless compositional space for the nostalgia and the anxiety of growing up and caring too much. It showcases Gulfer’s ability to shift effortlessly between dynamic, driving, reflective, and delicate parts to craft complex and intricately structured arrangements.

On the video, vocalist/guitarist Vincent Ford explained:

"It takes its inspiration from old skate movies like Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream and features skaters from a Montreal-based brand called Blacklisted. We wanted to replicate the feel-good vibes in those late ‘90s skate videos and capture that “endless summer” feeling: hanging out with your buds and wishing the summer would never end. Joey’s lyrics capture that feeling, and we feel like the video does, too!"

It's truly a fuzzy VHS home video of 90's nostalgia. Check out the video below:

There's still time to pre-order a copy of Gulfer before it's out on October 16, 2020. You can get the album on three vinyl variants, CD, or cassette today!

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