Gulfer // New pop-leaning single "Clean"

On new standalone single "Clean", the Montreal four-piece Gulfer return with their signature style of glimmering, propulsive, and emotionally driven indie-rock. The dial is turned to a slightly darker tone with lyrics that hint towards a surrealist and fictional story of an employee on the run after taking the life of their boss.

Photo credit: Noémie Plante

“Nicki ties up looser ends / goes to work and then comes home again / when you work all day and watch the boss get paid / no nice heart last long in this game".

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Of the video, Gulfer's guitarist and vocalist Joe Therriault writes,

"The choice for us to set the video by the pool was a way for us to twist some of the song’s darker lyrics (There were two ports in the storm / fish him out in his uniform) into something bright and upbeat – that tension between the lyrics and the instrumentation is part of the song itself "

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The song’s eerie and nightmarish sense of imagery is intentionally left to be uncertain as the band subtly pushes their narrative scope. "At this point in our career, I realized the songs could be about anything," says guitarist and vocalist, Vincent Ford. Even still, the gentle and melodic sensibility that has made Gulfer a cult favorite still shines brighter than ever.

"Clean" cover art, by Robert Voyvodic

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