No Vacation // Listen to "Estrangers" from the Upcoming EP, Phasing

We're extra pumped today to share the newest track from No Vacation with you, entitled "Estrangers," the first single from the group's upcoming EP Phasing, out October 18, 2019. Check out the new track today on your preferred music listening platform, or sign up to be notified when physical pre-orders are live.

Sung in a calm whisper over meandering guitar and a bossa nova-reminiscent groove, "Estrangers" is the latest indulgence from the ethereal dream-pop group. Originally begun at a house party in late 2016, "Estrangers" took longer than most songs to complete. In spite of personal struggles and feelings of estrangement, the song was eventually finished in early 2019 with the addition of Romantic Era-inspired cello parts, resulting in the song's beautifully nostalgic string climax that sings with pure, cutting emotion.

No Vacation - Phasing

  1. "Estrangers"
  2. "Changes"
  3. "Out of Place"
  4. "Days"
  5. "Last Dance"

out October 18, 2019

art by Sab Mai

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