JYOCHO’s music exudes pure emotion. It’s chaotic, non-linear, poetic, and gorgeous. When the opportunity to work together arose, it was an easy choice. Their peerless musicianship and body of work share many threads with the history of our label, so we’re simply thrilled to partner with them and help share their music with a wider audience.

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  • Daijiro (Guitar)
  • Yuuki Hayashi (Flute)
  • Netako Nekota (Vocals, Keyboard)
  • sindee (Bass)

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Daijiro Nakagawa is the guitarist and principal songwriter in Kyoto-based math-rock quintet Jyocho, and he approaches his craft like an architect, constructing towering, technically complex pop tunes that would topple under less virtuosic supervision.
-Tone Glow

[JYOCHO] craft intricate songs that give listeners space to be with their emotions.
-Japan Times

JYOCHO bring to life an atmosphere of wonderment and curiosity, as if the world was filled with endless possibilities just waiting for you.
-Bandwagon Asia

Kyoto four-piece JYOCHO’s breezy slant of math rock always felt like a promising sunrise after a night of tough mental meandering, or whenever it is you get that unexplainable yet welcoming hunch that good things will come your way.
-Everything Is Noise

The sentimentality, joy, and hint of nostalgia fill you with such a sense of wonder. If you could distill pure happiness into music, Jyocho would be masters of the craft. -Mahogany Reviews

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