Gregory Uhlmann

Gregory Uhlmann  
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Gregory Uhlmann is a singer-songwriter and producer from Chicago, IL, now based in Los Angeles. In 2020 he released Neighborhood Watch (Topshelf Records), a collection of what Week in Pop called "intimate cabin fever pop [...] expanded into the eternal atmospheres of inspired baroque touches". One year following his Topshelf debut, Gregory Uhlmann released a brilliant one-off single "Goosebumps", a "warm and open art-folk track" (the Deli Magazine). Uhlmann is prolific outside of his solo work, performing with Perfume Genius and composing for Fell Runner and Typical Sisters, among frequent collaborations with artists such as Meg Duffy (Hand Habits), Tasha, and fellow Topshelf artist Olivia Kaplan.

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  • Gregory Uhlmann - guitar, vocals
  • Anna Butterss - bass
  • Josh Johnson - keyboard
  • Tim Carr - drums

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Mesmirizing[...]with this unusual and delightful combination of rock, folk, ambient, and psychedelia, Gregory Uhlmann may have stumbled upon a brand new genre.
-Pop Matters

Rising and falling in heavy waves of lush overdrive & hypnotizing vocals, Gregory Uhlmann’s “Spice Girls” introduces his forthcoming second album ‘Neighborhood Watch’ with a raw, impassioned outpouring.
-Atwood Magazine

A sweet and smart slice of orchestral aural cinema for the ear that moves the heart and soul.
-Week in Pop

…a lush brand of chamber pop, eschewing excess and eccentricity in favor of a quest for pure beauty.
-Chicago Reader, on Odd Job

A guitarist to take note of in L.A.'s creative music scene
-LA Weekly

There’s an undeniable wistfulness to “Spice Girls” that’ll have you entranced.
-Abduction Radiation

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