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Topshelf Records Running Club Shorts


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Two constants in my adult life have always been running and music. They've overlapped and interwoven to a point where both are intrinsically and fundamentally part of who I am. I've been on dozens of tours with artists we work with all around the world, and I always make it a point to go for a run after loading in or—if I'm feeling spry (rare)—getting up early and running before getting back on the road to the next gig. It's super exciting to run around a city you've never visited before and it's super fun to explore new places while running with friends!! Since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken all of that away, I've been thinking of ways to re-incorporate running, music, and the connectivity it used to provide back into my life.

I've started a running club. And as of right now, I'm still not even sure what the hell that means or will ultimately look like, but to start, I just feel like I'm craving an outlet for connection and motivation and I have a hunch I'm not alone. I've always found community in both music and in running, so I'm hoping to help foster more of that here with this club. The purchase of any Running Club merch (like these shorts) grants you lifetime access to the club. In some far-off post COVID world, maybe this means meetups and running groups and in-person things, but for now, Running Club membership includes:

  • a two-inch "Topshelf Running Club" button/badge
  • running club members-only collaborative Spotify playlist
  • running club members-only Discord channel
  • running club members-only Strava group

These shorts are royal blue and feature the Topshelf logo on the right leg, and the running club logo on the left. The shorts have a left and right pocket, and the fabric is a sweat wicking, breathable polyester blend.

PS: you definitely don't have to be a runner to wear these!


Please note:

For every Running Club purchase, $5.00 will go to Back on My Feet, a not-for-profit focusing on combating homelessness through the power of running, community support, and essential employment and housing resources.

If you want to participate but you're short on funds and can't afford to join the club, please contact info at topshelfrecords dot com and we'll comp you a membership.

Size Chart:

size US size waistline length inseam
M 30-31 32" 17" 4"
L 32-34 33.75" 17.25" 4.25"
XL 35-37 37" 17.75" 4.75"

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