cool original u and me both remixes


cool original’s Nathan Tucker has a distinct production style well suited for remixing. His combination of disparate sounds and palettes lends itself to further exploration and interpretation. On these two remixes of “u and me both”, a song off cool original’s recently released record outtakes from “bad summer”, fellow peers in Bellows and Hollow Comet present two divergent takes on the song with reinterpretations that span a spectrum from Bellows’ synth-and-sax-forward bedroom pop to Hollow Comet’s unclassifiable beat-centric flip. The Bellows version, closer to the original song than its Hollow Comet counterpart, sees Bellows brainchild Oliver Kalb imprinting his signature gauzy, vocoded vocals over a diaphanous expansion of the source composition. Hollow Comet however, the solo production moniker of Strange Ranger's Isaac Eiger, take an opposite approach on their side, blowing up the source arrangement into something entirely new, awash in clever sound design and reconfigured, upcut “u and me both” fragments.

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Track List:

  1. u and me both (Bellows Version)
  2. U N ME
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