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Long before we ever started working with them, toe is a band that has always captivated us. Mostly for their innate ability to meld elements of jazz, punk, post-rock, R&B, and a very specific blend of midwest instrumental math rock a la Ghosts and Vodka or Pele—all while channeling the raw energy of a hardcore show. There aren't too many bands you can listen to and over the course of a few minutes hear parts that ring simultaneously of J Dilla, Victor Villareal, and Fugazi—toe is one of those bands (hell yeah).

There's a kinetic energy about anything this band does: a level of care, precision and attention to detail that nearly twenty years into their existence, continues to elevate and set them apart. This four-song offering is no different—from the four tracks down to the design and packaging (by the talented Makoto Nii of long time inspiration for me, personally, Dis(ign) ).

The vinyl packaging contains a screen-printed B-side record and features a spot-varnish on the LP jacket.

Pressing Info:

first press:
/300 - Black/White Aside/B-side w/B-side Silkscreen Print
/200 - Black in Cloudy Clear w/B-side Silkscreen Print

second press:
/1,500 - White w/Bside Silkscreen Print

third press:
/500 - White Geode w/B-side Silkscreen Print (retail exclusive)
/500 - Black Geode w/B-side Silkscreen Print

Listen or Purchase:

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Track List:

  1. Dual Harmonics
  2. The Latest Number
  3. Etude Of Solitude
  4. F_A_R
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