Del Paxton // "Bedtime" video & BTS photos

Hey this is Greg of Del Paxton and I wanted to give you a little BTS of the video for "Bedtime". First of all, the video was shot by my video partner in crime Doug Gurr. He's been my analytically brilliant counterpart to many video ideas, simple or complex for many years. TY Doug!

The concept of the video really speaks for itself. A late summer bonfire with three friends just kind of hanging out. It's so simple and I've always loved simple one shot videos. The song Bedtime has a major late summer vibe (imo). While listening to Bedtime and visualizing ideas, I kept coming back to this late evening, high contrast, deep blue and golden scene. Then I tried to think about how I wanted to ~feel~ when I listened to the song... maybe like a late summer evening drive, or the glow of a campfire on your face. I think those are great nostalgic experiences for many of us. Things that certainly bring me joy to think about, and that's how this song made me feel. It makes me feel good.

The only technical aspect worth mentioning is probably that this video was shot in slow motion (60fps). So before the shoot, Doug and I listened to Bedtime and figured out when we wanted the fire to appear, the band to be in focus, the camera to swirl around the members. We did the math to figure out how many seconds would go buy in real time (24 fps) so that would happen when the video was slowed down. Doug was filming and listening to a voice recording of me counting down to every next step.

Also, the photos you see were taken by Lilly and Harper Fischer on a disposable camera. The video was shot on their families property in Corfu, NY. As simple as the concept of this video is, it needed the exact right location to be pulled off the way we wanted. They have this beautiful rural farm land area outside of Buffalo, NY where we all live and it was perfect. Thank you Fischer family and thank you all for watching our video.

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