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Written for the Taiwanese theatre production, Big Band Species, "Dear Humans" finds Elephant Gym at their most dynamic in this whimsical crossover project. Each member of the trio's acumen is featured throughout the composition's distinct movements, which starts on a contemplative piano-led overture before plunging headfirst into unpredictable segments of bass-driven passages which draw influence from math-rock, funk, classical, and post-bop. Ever stylistically all-encompassing, Elephant Gym's deft, diverse arrangements are a perfect auditory match to the Shakespeare's Wild Sisters Group theatre production.

"In a time like 2020, this is the song we wrote —— “Dear Humans”.

To all the living humans who expect or are afraid of the coming of apocalypse: People made big mistakes. People regretted making them. People admitted the wrongs. Now, people are begging to be forgiven by the world. But why not start making amends right away? Love those who deserve to be loved. Cherish every form of life and every inch of land.

This letter is written to the humans who left the Earth when the apocalypse came. We are the pets that accompanied you in the past, but then you left us here alone. We are dogs, cats, turtles and potted plants.

And now, please listen to what we have to say."

- Elephant Gym (大象體操)

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  1. Dear Humans
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