Field Mouse Episodic

tagged: rock shoegaze
FFO: Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, The Beths, Pity Sex, melodic power pop


Recorded in Philadelphia with Hop Along's Joe Reinhart, and written through a twelve month period which delivered sudden family illness and a deteriorating relationship, Episodic is fashioned from ten feverish bouts of guitar-pop; led by Browne's fearsome and fearless vocal and informed by an instrumental backing that underpins the entire record with a vibrant concoction of guitar, drums and keys.

Standard jacket with light pink lyric sheet inside, along with dedications to those who helped the album including Sadie Dupuis and Allison Crutchfield! Album cover by Frances Quinlan of Hop Along.

Pressing Info:

first press:
/651 - Black
/315 - Clear w/ Pink Smoke
/106 - Translucent Gold/Clearwater Blue half/half (20 test presses)

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Track List:

  1. The Mirror
  2. Half-Life
  3. Accessory
  4. The Order of Things
  5. A Widow with a Terrible Secret
  6. Beacon
  7. Over And Out
  8. Do You Believe Me Now
  9. Never Would Have Known
  10. Out of Context
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