We Were Skeletons Blame & Aging


With the musical prowess and aggression of bands like Fugazi and Shotmaker, We Were Skeletons’ unique brand of technical, groovy, and emotional hardcore should appeal to long-time fans of the genre while still pushing its boundaries. Imagine Hot Snakes, Slint, Sleepytime Trio, mewithoutYou, and Off Minor all rolled into one breathtaking statement. Blame & Aging is the bands best collection of songs to date. Trust us, we've known them for a while. Featuring 13 awesome new tracks.

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Track List:

  1. Ruined Wasted
  2. Long Night
  3. King Of Tricks
  4. The Buried Seat
  5. Blood Tongue
  6. Disease Artist
  7. End All Suffering
  8. Blame & Aging
  9. Appear, Disappear
  10. Slow Death
  11. Tremors
  12. Pain Is Not The Cleanser
  13. Haunting the Ghost
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