Into It. Over It. Twelve Towns


This is the culmination of Into It. Over It.'s Twelve Towns Series. Evan teamed up with six other artists to release six separate split 7 inches each limited to 500. Now that all of them are sold out we are pleased to bring you the Into It. Over It. tracks from the 7 inch series completely remastered and in one location. This release includes a bonus track that wasn't part of the 7 inch series titled "Westmont, NJ". The vinyl version of this release will come with five bonus acoustic tracks which were recorded as a separate Nervous Energies Session. This item is for the CD.

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Track List:

  1. Nashville, TN
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Brenham, TX
  4. Cambridge, MA
  5. Summerville, SC
  6. Westmont, NJ
  7. Augusta, GA
  8. Buffalo, NY
  9. Billings, MT
  10. Portland, OR
  11. Washington, DC
  12. Pontiac, MI
  13. August, GA Acoustic
  14. Billings, MT Acoustic
  15. Brenham, TX Acoustic
  16. Pontiac, MI Acoustic
  17. Portland, OR Acoustic
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