Really From Verse



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Track List:

  1. You Need a Visa
  2. The Baker
  3. Thumbnail
  4. Variations on an Aria
  5. Kneeplay 7 - Orchid Hunter
  6. Eulita Terrace
  7. Kneeplay 8 - On rain and how it reminds me of Glass.
  8. Josephine Ave
  9. Hackensack Hospital
  10. Kneeplay 9 - This apple is really depressed (Reprise).
  11. Sleeptalk


After several years of making a name for themselves in the small DIY house show circuit in the Northeast, the indie jazz outfit have finished their sophomore album, Verse. Incorporating improvisation, classical guitar, breakbeats, a punk ethos, literary references, and beautiful pop melodies, People Like You has developed a sound that they can truly call their own.

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TSR175. Released July 28, 2017    

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