No Vacation


After a year long hiatus, No Vacation has re-emerged from the hibernating depths of their college bedrooms. While they quietly work on their next album and transition out of San Francisco, No Vacation will bring their novice sounds of dream-wave and nostalgic indie-pop to New York City. The majority of the still untitled album was written during No Vacation’s break up and expresses the feelings of belongingness, regret, and struggles of resilience.

Since their return, No Vacation has released 2 singles, “Mind Fields” and “Yam Yam”, and is set to release their third EP with Topshelf Records later this year.


Sab Mai // Vocals + Guitar
Marisa Saunders // Bass
Nat Lee // Synth
Harrison Spencer // Guitar
James Shi // Drums




"A misty rock song with dreamy hooks."
-The Fader (on "Mind Field")

[In their debut mixtape "Amo XO"], released last April, the songs in it like "August", "Beach Bummer", and "Lovefool" are the soundtrack lazy days when the sun shines too hot and all you want to do is spend a day in a room or be on a road trip together with your friends.
-NYLON Indonesia

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