The Obsessives My Pale Red Dot



One-part ear-splitting aggression and one-part reticent, agonizing emotion, Philadelphia-via-D.C. two-piece The Obsessives began in early high school and blossomed before graduation. The resulting document of their teenage anxieties, Heck No, Nancy, drips with the tenacity you'd expect from a debut record recorded in just 36 hours during senior spring break. Yet, it's the brisk follow-up, My Pale Red Dot, which like its title, pairs fragility with fierce self-awareness. The melodies have grown clearer, their tail-ends whispering lassos of post-classroom bliss against soundscapes which threaten to break and burst whatever sense of peace has been established. That's not to say that The Obsessives are walking on eggshells. The two of them are just establishing heft without a runny center, and just months after their first stab at big, mealy tone. Released on Near Mint Records.


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