Topshelf Records 2016 Sampler


Track List:

  1. Field Mouse - The Order of Things
  2. Donovan Wolfington - Ollie North
  3. Ratboys - Not Again
  4. Slingshot Dakota - Paycheck
  5. Solids - Blank Stare
  6. Wild Ones - Dim the Lights
  7. toe - My Little Wish
  8. Oyama - The Right Amount
  9. Sorority Noise - Either Way
  10. The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - Katamari Duquette
  11. Wildhoney - Laura
  12. DANGERS - Loose Cigarettes
  13. LITE - Else
  14. Happy Diving - Head Spell
  15. Del Paxton - My Other
  16. Us and Us Only - Hex
  17. The Saddest Landscape - Souls Worth Saving
  18. No Joy - A Thorn in Garland's Side
  19. The Velvet Teen - Eclipsess
  20. CLIQUE - Boundaries
  21. Mock Orange - High Octane Punk Mode


In the past, we've compiled *mega* samplers of 60-90+ songs from varying artists and genres and geographies (i.e.: in 2014, 2013, etc.). These take SO much time to put together (securing permission from labels, managers and/or artists to use their songs, getting song files and info and cover art and then assembling everything into one cohesive piece) that we didn't even have time to put it together last year—and for the first time in our existence, we just didn't put out a sampler which was a major bummer. So this year, we selfishly took the easy route and created a sampler solely of music from Topshelf. Thanks for listening to, sharing and supporting independent music.


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