Solids Else



Track List:

  1. Blank Stare
  2. Wait It Out
  3. Blurs
  4. Shine

Pressing Info:

first press: /1500; 1000 Black, 250 Opaque Red, 250 Opaque Blue (20 test presses)


We are teaming up with Dine Alone Records to release this album. The EP serves as a melancholic deconstruction of the '90s slacker ethos explored on their first LP. But it also charts Solids' transition into a wider and more experimental sound, borrowing strands from Dinosaur Jr., Hum and Unwound and coiling them into an anxious, alienated sound that's all their own. The final product is a snapshot of a band that's travelled 5000 miles in 19 minutes; a band that's chained itself to the road in search of inspiration.

This is a one sided 12 inch record with a quirky, squiggly etching on the B-Side. Artwork & layout done between Alexis Coutu-Marion and guitarist/vocalist of Solids, Xavier Germain Poitras.

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This item is a pre-order and will not be available until april 15, 2016. We will send download codes on or just before this date.

TSR148. Released april 15, 2016    

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