Braid No Coast



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Track List:

  1. Bang
  2. East End Hollows
  3. No Coast
  4. Damages!
  5. Many Enemies
  6. Pre-Evergreen
  7. Put Some Wings on That Kid
  8. Lux
  9. Doing Yourself In
  10. Climber New Entry
  11. Light Crisis
  12. This Is Not a Revolution

Pressing Info:

first press: /3,061; 199 Half Orange Half Translucent Orange (UK Webstore Exclusive), 208 180 gram Black (Band tour exclusive), 206 Electric Blue w/ Black Haze, 407 Light Blue with White Splatter, 2041 Light Blue (20 test presses)
second press: /1,047; 1,047 Orange with Black Splatter
third press: /523; 523 Clear


No Coast is Braid’s first album in 16 years. It's a measured, gorgeous record that ought to remind fans why they fell in love with Braid's brand of post-punk/emo in the first place.

According to Pitchfork, "... No Coast is an inspired record for a very tangible reason that goes beyond associating with an in-demand producer (Will Yip) and a hip new label: Braid have taken stock of their own lives as unintentional elder statesmen and treat it as worthwhile subject matter."

As such, it was no surprise to us when the album cracked Billboard’s Top 200 in 2014.

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TSR105. Released July 8, 2014    

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